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Project Description
This project aims to help game developpers to develop games using game components and game services given in the .NET XNA Framework.

Have you ever dreamed about making an XNA game with a simple drag and drop ? Do you want to make a game using reusable components ? Then you need this project !

After seeing a video on the net, I've been looking for so much time on how to do the same with XNA Game Studio. Then I figured out that it was not possible because this functionality was not released.
You may see the video here :

Currently, this project was build to work with XNA Game Studio 3.0. You may find 4 projects in the source Code :
- the dlls to enable drag'n'drop. (XNADesignerGenerator project)
- the dlls which contains many components (camera, grid, framerate and so on) (Components project)
- the GameTest project, which may help you using these components.
- the setup project not working yet...

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